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Inside Polo 24

Inside Polo with Ron Allen


The short list of the U.S. Open Polo Championship is set and the list will become even shorter after Sunday April 14th. That’s the day all eight teams will do battle for a spot in the Open Semi-finals.

First to qualify is Valiente with a perfect 9 & 0 record, including their wins from the Gold Cup.

Audi skids onto the Big 8 list with only one win.

ERG is still alive in spite of the drubbing they took earlier from Valiente. Coca-Cola is still in the hunt with the same record as ERG: two wins and two losses.

Defending champion Zacara qualifies from Bracket III with an easy win against Piaget. Alegria and Lechuza also made it. Orchard Hill won by beating Mt. Brilliant in a two-player shootout.


Injuries have been a factor in this tournament as Sapo Caset (10) is out with a hamstring injury; Juan Martin Nero (10) is hurt. Melissa Ganzi just came off the injury list and her husband Marc has been plagued by several minor injuries this season.



Here’s the rundown on how they’ll face off in the big Sunday showdown:

Game 1: Audi vs. Zacara

Game 2: ERG vs. Alegria

Game 3: Coca Cola vs. Lechuza Caracas

Game 4: Valiente vs. Orchard Hill  


Zacara: US Open Defending Champion


Ron Allen reports on polo for ESPN TV and Pololine TV