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French Opens

Hazel Jackson (GBR -left) and Lia Salvo(ARG - centre), respectively World # 3 and 1, as well as Nina Clarkin(GBR-World #2)  will all be the face of this 2018 France Open

The Polo French Open : finals on Sunday 16th.

The aces of the feminine Polo are coming to Chantilly!

Never a feminine competition has witnessed such a great level in Europe. The French Open, kicking-off on Tuesday afternoon, is gathering no less than eight teams – something never seen in France – including the three world best players. Matches are played every day until the final on Sunday, 16th. In the same time, the France Open Paprec for males continues its course. Two teams seam to stand out from the rest in this particularly competitive tournament. The most masculine of the equestrian sports experiences a spectacular development... on the women side. There are more and more players across the world, which means there has been an increasing number of competitions with higher and higher levels. This phenomenon led, last year, to the birth of the first ladies Argentina Open. Three of this competition’s finalists will be present in Chantilly this week in order to battle for the title of the French Open, which the level is particularly high this year. Argentina’s Lia Salvo, World #1 and winner of the Abierto of the Jockey Club of Buenos Aires, Great-Britain’s Nina Clarkin, World #2, winner of the Argentina Open and former winner of the British Open in mixed, and Hazel Jackson, World #3 and finalist in the 2017 Argentina Open, will all be the face of this 2018 France Open. The competition will bring together eight teams, an unprecedent number in France, with no less than nine nations and four continents represented. Matches will begin this Tuesday 11th at 3:00pm.
Male Open: two teams still undefeatedWill they be the teams for the final game? After 10 days of competitions, two teams still stand unbeaten in this Paprec French Open: In The Wings and Sainte-Mesme, both of French compositions. They will face one another, this Wednesday, for the first place of the ranking and therefore a ticket for the final of this competition, of which the first phase is played like a championship. Kasak counts one defeat, but is still considerate as a candidate for the final as the team still have one more game to play. We will have to wait for all the games on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday to be sure of the name of the finalist teams. Two home teams facing a challenge. In this Paprec French Open, the Chantilly team of André Fabre is not only in quest for the 1st place of this 16 goals France Open but also for the Triple-Crown, a title given for the winner of the three tournaments: The Silver and Gold Cup in Deauville and the French Open in Chantilly. A tough challenge, already faced, last year, by the Cibao La Pampa’s Argentinian team: In The Wings has already two of the three victory needed, they are expected to go all the way up to Chantilly. The home team will count on the hectic Argentinian duo of father and son: Pancho and Rufino Bensadon (16 years old), who were a delight for the crowd in Deauville. On the women side, it’s a junior team, R&B Presse Polo, barely a 17 years old average age, that we need to follow. A true challenge for those young ladies who, without any professional help amongst them, will face not only the three best world players but also professionals from all around the world (English’s, Germans and Irish’s) and the National French Senior team. For the latter, It’s the occasion to prepare themselves to the next European Championship, which will be held in Rome at the end of the month. Finals day: a true Garden Party:This Sunday at the Polo Club of Chantilly, the sportive manifestation will become one of a kind, as the Club will host a proper Garden Party with DJs (DJ Vanetty as the Opening act, followed by the exceptional presence of Michael Canitrot) and animation for both kids and grown-ups: pony rides, croquet games, golf initiation and of course polo initiation on wooden horses. On that day, pic-nick areas will be adapted with straw bales and food trucks for those not totally prepared. All with free access. 
Summary of the day:11:30 am: Opening of the village12:00 pm: Final of the 7th France Feminine Open1:00 pm:  France Open Lunch3:00 pm: Final of the 18th France Masculine Open Paprec
Details of the competition: team compositions, programmes and first results can all be found on those PDF files. Pictures free of rights also available on this link: https://we.tl/t-tHfV100lzn
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