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Patron Quits American Polo

The Time Is Right


Recent revelations from one of the most respected and successful

patrons in the sport of polo have bright to light what many have

suspected for some time. Something is seriously wrong with the

governing body of the American polo association.

When Lyndon Lea (2) recently opened fire over his concerns about

where polo is headed in the United States he was not alone in his

perceptions. The hard truth is that Mr. Lea is talking aloud about

important issues, which have been whispered about along the sidelines

for several years.

His Zacara team represents one of the most successful polo originations

in the world. They just won back-to-back U.S. Open titles. As a serious

competitor his opinion is backed by experience and credibility.

Something apparently lacking within the polo association. For those not

aware Lyndon has withdrawn from any future high goal competition in

the U.S. His decision was based on handicap changes meted out against

the two teams that competed in the Open finals.  Thus destroying any

chance of a much-needed rivalry for the future.


Lyndon Lea

Lyndon accepts US Open trophy for second year in a row

Lea harshly criticized their decisions as unfair and corrupt. He was

quick to point out that low goal committee members are making

decisions on high goal players they haven’t even observed playing and

are not qualified to even make such critical decisions. The association

has been accused of a lack of real transparency along with personal and

political agendas many times in the past.

The Solution? The time is right for polo to follow the highly successful

lead of the game of golf with representation for two completely different

types of polo competitions. The USGA represents 700,000 amateur

golfers while the PGA is for professional golfers only. The amateur

volunteers can continue to try and manage low goal polo as best they

can. But, a new professional management company needs to be formed

to take the reins of high goal polo. It’s a simple solution to a serious

problem that otherwise may continue unchecked for years to come.